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A little bit about me...

I was born and raised in Astoria, Queens. I come from a long line of butchers. My great grandfather was a butcher, my grandfather and father were butchers, most of my uncle's were butchers, my brother is a butcher and I'm a butcher turned actor. I even think my grandmother was a butcher! Anyway, my grandparents migrated to New York City and settled in Greenwich Village back in the day. My grandfather, Salvatore, went to work as a butcher for Uncle Salvatore Allocate in a family run butcher shop located on Perry and Washington streets that was established in the early 1900's along with brothers Vincent and Frank who had migrated a few years earlier from Sicily, in a small town named Canicatti, Provincial de Agrigento. Eventually my Uncle retired and the brothers took over the shop in the late 30's and relocated to 10th street between Bleaker and West 4th Street and called it NORTH POLE MEAT MKT.

My dad Angelo who also grew up in the business then took over the shop and relocated to Christopher and Bleaker in the late 50's. In the late 70's I along with my brother Sal took over the shop. Times were changing and I came up with the idea about prepared foods gourmet style and was one of the first butchers to start that style of butcher shop. I was also one of the first to start making chicken sausage and all types of prepared foods.

The 80's were upon us and I went to work as a purchasing agent for all meats provisions, fish and poultry at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City where I stayed until around 1994 when I got married to this nice Italian girl. On our honeymoon in Italy, my father-in-law made me an offer I couldn't refuse. We moved to Italy and while there my wife gave birth to my little girl Tina.

Frankie the Butcher Anti Pasta

After about a year and a half I decided to come back to America to pursue an acting career. Because of my butcher experience it has landed me appearances on many cooking show's as Frankie "The Butcher" Bonsangue on such shows as Food Network's Bobby Flay's Hot Off the Grill. I also along the way had a brief stint with the MTA driving a New York City bus which because of that driving experience I got a few roles as a bus driver and most recently in the Ben Stiller film titled Night at the Museum.

I really enjoy my life today and owe it all to God who I believes is directing the show. I couldn't have planned it better.